You’re coming to camp! Here’s some information to help you get ready.

This is going to sound like a lot of stuff and it is, but don’t rent that U-Haul just yet. We’ll try to break it down for you into what’s necessary and what’s gravy and don’t forget that there’s laundry facilities at camp and stores in town.

For your cabin and basic use:
Bedding/sleeping bags (most cots are single/some double)
Tarp if you’re putting your mattresses on the floor
Towels, soap and toilet articles
Warm clothes for evening and early mornings
Shorts & t-shirts
Closed-toed shoes and sandals

Porta-crib/playpen for babies/toddlers
Air mattress

For the water:
Bathing suits & beach towels

Beach chairs, rafts, inner tubes (People tend to share their beach toys & chairs!)
Water shoes make river-walking more enjoyable

For tie-dye:
100% cotton articles (clothes, pillowcases, etc.; we also sell “whites” at camp)

Bikes (biking is great in and around camp!):
Helmets are required for children biking in camp

Musical instruments and creative arts:
Guitars, congas, bongos whatever you need for the Talent Show

For the Children’s Program:
Daypack, sunscreen & water bottle for each child
Water shoes for kids 5 & up
For 7 & up, sleeping bag, mat and flashlight for the overnight

Sports and Games:
Baseballs, gloves and bats
Your family’s favorite games to share at evening Dining Hall fun

Lawn chairs and loungers welcome for our Patio “Living Room” (Everyone shares!)
Sturdy walking shoes
Costumes for the dances
Quarters for laundry
If you need to bring insect repellent, please try to find the most natural insect repellent possible.

Do NOT bring pets, firearms, skateboards, candles or kerosene lamps.

There, that wasn’t so bad.