Summer Camp is located at Oakland Feather River Camp in Quincy, CA. We have the camp to ourselves for our entire stay. We also bring in our own program staff of counselors and CITs and specialists in addition to the Feather River staff.


Activities are offered for everyone in the family. Some activities are for children only and some are for adults to enjoy; many activities are planned for the entire family. All activities are optional. Here’s a few highlights. Click on the link below for more detailed information.

At the River Swimming and floating in beautiful Spanish Creek at the camp beach or one of the many nearby swimming holes is a favorite camp activity.

Arts and Crafts Tie-dye, silk-painting and lots more

Specialty Crafts Carpentry and Mosaic tiling

Sports and Games We love to play! Softball, Quidditch, Capture the Flag and more

Biking, Hiking and Nature Studies It’s so easy to explore this beautiful area on foot and by bicycle.

Music, Dance and Theater Children and adults participate in the Camp musical revue, camper chorus and talent show.

Special Programs Children’s parade and carnival, Floatilla and more

Evening Programs Each evening features an all-camp family activity ( we have the best dances ever!)

For the Body and Soul Massage, Pilates, Yoga, Spa Day

Activities that defy categorization This is what makes Camp It Up! so special! Hair coloring? House Beautiful?

Children (Ages 1 to 12)

Camp It Up! is well-known for its exciting children’s program. Children meet daily (except for the Counselors’ day off) in age-clustered groups. Each group is led by a Senior Counselor, a Junior Counselor and a Counselor-in-Training. Specialists in Art, Music, Dance, Nature, Drama and Sports work with the children’s groups as well.

Children’s groups meet on most days from 9:30 to noon. They also meet on two evenings for an hour while the adults get to relax at an adults-only dinner. On one evening, the younger kids groups get together for pajama parties and older kids do an overnight (still on the camp grounds).

The children’s groups also participate in all-camp special theme day activities as well as other special activities throughout the week.

Camp it Up! is a village about children and you can hear their happy voices, singing, laughing, throughout camp. Your kids will feel free at camp… it’s as life should be.

Teen Program (7th to 12th grade while accompanied by their families)

Camp It Up’s teens participate in creative and performing arts, sports, overnights, crafts activities and much more. Often, carpentry crafts and participation in a ropes course are included in the week’s program. Camp teens inevitably spend many hours outside the actual program time just hanging out with each other, talking, going down the creek to the rope swing, laughing and finding close friendships. Teens are encouraged to explore their relationships to peers, family and community. Our excellent teen program staff know how to encourage teens to feel comfortable, to share their energies and creativity, and to facilitate an inclusive group sense.


Camp offers opportunities for adults to meet, play together, socialize, discuss common concerns and build community.

Activities might include (but are not limited to): Visual and Creative Arts, Instrumental and Vocal Music, Theater, Sports, Healing Arts, Specialty Crafts, Workshops, Orientation Sessions for first-time campers.

Of course, all activities are optional. Many adults choose to sit in the center of camp, comfortably perched on a chaise lounge, reading, snacking, schmoozing, listening to the sounds of birds or drummers or children laughing.

Counselor- In- Training Program

The CIT Leadership Development Program is available to teens entering their sophomore and junior years in High School. CIT’s live and work with camp staff under the guidance of the CIT Supervisor.

They work with an experienced counselor in the children’s program, or in one of the specialty areas: music, crafts, sports or drama. They also organize and present evening programs and special events.

Our CIT program is very popular so we suggest that you apply for space in this program as early as possible.

To apply for a space in this program, please email campitupmail@gmail.com

CIT program fees: $560/1st year participant; $500/2nd year participant.

Pitching In

Camp It Up! is a village – communal and happy. Most everyone (adults who are able) jumps in by helping in some part of the camp program, pitching in for two to four hours during the week. What might you be doing? Assisting with a meal set-up, organizing and leading a bike ride, yoga class, discussion, maybe helping out with the Camp musical. We’ll ask ahead of time what you’d like to do and when. Campers enjoy participating actively in our community through our Co-op Program.