Note to Campers from Jill – July 7th

  • July 7, 2016
  • Lori Randlett

July 7th note to campers

Hello campers!  Only three and a half weeks until camp!

We REALLY need everyone’s forms.  The deadline to submit them without a late fee was supposed to be yesterday, but because I didn’t send out a reminder last week, we’ll extend that until this Monday, July 11th.  After that date, there is a $75 late fee to submit your forms.  Sorry – it’s how we have to do it. I’ve already had to order food for vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free people so hopefully you got that info to us.  There is so much administrative work to do before camp and it makes our jobs so much harder if we don’t have all your forms in time.  Thank you!

You can print them out from the web site and email or scan them to us or just mail them in to Lisa Angelot.  Her address is Lisa Angelot, Camp It Up! Inc, 7120 Mission Street, Daly City, 9104.  If you’re in the East Bay and want to just drop them off at my house in the mailbox, you can do that too.  My address is 6745 Moore Drive, Oakland, 94611.

And a few folks haven’t sent in their registration forms yet.  PLEASE get those to us by tomorrow.

I wasn’t able to get up to camp for my usual pre-camp visit ( a bout of bronchitis….) but I’ve had long talks with Billy, the camp director up there.  It sounds like things are going well and that camp is in really good shape.  The best news for you “tube-ers” is that the water is high enough to tube down from the bridge into camp.  There are tire tubes for rent at camp and Billy said they’ll get even more.

A question: are any of you a magician????  If so, let me know – we need your skills.

Don’t forget to bring a favorite board game or two, a hammock if you’d like, beach chairs for the center of camp and maybe even for the beach, whites to tie-dye though we’ll be selling some as well.  If you’re planning to do laundry at camp, please bring scent-free detergent so those who need a scent-free dryer for their clothes well have that.  Thank you.  And please be as scent-free generally as possible and try to use natural bug repellent if you can.  Some campers have strong reactions to the chemicals in the repellent.

I hope you’re thinking about costumes for the dances:  a Masquerade Ball at the beginning of the week and The Magic of Drag for the end of the week.

That’s all for now.  More to follow and I can’t wait to see you at camp.



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