good staff picCamp Staff

Our amazing Camp It Up! staff includes a year-round administrative team (Web site, Marketing, Registration) and our program staff. Lisa Angelot coordinates the registration process prior to camp (a humungous task!) and Shayna Prochovnick and Lisa keep us all organized at camp.

In addition to our administrative staff, our incredible program staff, which now number approximately 60 each summer session, has been an integral part of the camper community. We estimate that some 250 staff members have shared their talents with us over the years. Our very popular Counselor-in-Training (CIT) program is run for approximately 10 teenagers each summer. Most of our staff goes through the counseling development cycle which includes starting as a CIT, becoming a Junior Counselor and then a Senior Counseolor or Specialist. Some have gone on to administrative positions at Camp It Up! and now help to direct the camp. Some have built careers working with children, inspired by their Camp It Up! experience. As many of “our kids” go off to college (many returning each year to work as staff), they write in their college essays that Camp It Up! is the one thing that has most shaped their view of family and community.

Camp It Up! Inc: We also have a soon-to-be non-profit arm. The CIU Inc. Board has been meeting regularly since 2009 to assist as consultants and to plan for the long-term future of camp.