Feather River Camp is located at 5469 Oakland Camp Road, Quincy CA 95971.

Driving Directions from San Francisco/Oakland/Berkeley:

1) Take 80 east to Truckee and head north on State Route 89. Take 70 north which will take you right into Quincy. Just before town, you’ll see Chandler Road. Take a right onto Chandler Road which will ( a few miles up) take you into camp.

2) Here’s the staff’s favorite route. It’s a bit more complicated and is a bit shorter than going all the way to Truckee.

Take I-80 east to I-505 North (Vacaville). I-505 connects to I-5 North

Take I-5 North, past the turnoff for Route 20, to Road 595/Princeton Road

Go east for about 15 minutes (it’s very pretty). The road becomes Norman Road and dead-ends at Hwy 45 (you won’t see a road sign with a number there). Make a left onto 45.

Go a few miles up the road and turn right at the stop sign. That will be route 162. At one point, 162 makes a left onto Route 99 and then another right to continue on 162 towards Oroville. (Just keep following the Oroville signs.)

At Oroville, you connect with I-70 North to Quincy, which will take you up through the Feather River Canyon.

Approximately five miles before Quincy, watch for a sign that reads Chandler Road/Oakland Camp.

Turn left and continue for about four miles to Oakland Feather River Camp.

End at 5469 Oakland Camp Road, Quincy CA 95971

You’re at Camp It Up!