Adult Testimonials

“Camp is a touchstone for our family…an opportunity to grow, feel free, and be our best selves in a loving community.”

“Camp It Up has been a welcoming community of support for me for most of my adult life. Of course it is fun to hang out in beautiful nature and enjoy group activities, but the foundation of camp is the safe space that it creates for LGBTQ youth and adults. As a former counselor and program director, I have a ton of beautiful memories of people coming to camp and discovering a whole new level of safety and ease.” – Andrea Prichett

“Camp is a magic place with spirit and heart; the best of what an intentional community can be. At Camp everyone is expected to be their highest selves—and it works!” – Kate Kaufman

“Camp is a place to come home to every year.”

“I love camp because kids see families like theirs. They also see kids older than themselves, a version of their own future that their parents can’t show them.”

“It is amazing to me how one week a year could have had such a significant impact on our family’s life. – and each member of it. Camp It Up is a week of fun, exploration, ​friends, wonder, music, outdoor activities, and creativity, in the context of LGBTQ positive community spirit. Our kids learned how to be leaders, and both wrote their college essays about Camp It Up!” -Judy Schwartz

“Camp it Up! spells S-U-M-M-E-R for our family. Fun, playful, connective, and most important, community! Our three year-old daughter informed us at the end of last summer, “I want to be a counselor one day!” What more could we ask for?”
– Daniel Barash