A Letter to Campers and Staff from the Camp It Up Board of Directors

  • July 21, 2017
  • Lori Randlett
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Dear Camp It Uppers,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Camp It Up, Inc., we are looking forward to seeing all of you at Feather River. And we want to extend an exciting invitation to you!

Where we’ve been and where we are

As the first camp for LGBTQ families, Camp it Up! pioneered the creation of safe, inclusive space for our families to celebrate the outdoors and build community. Twenty-seven years have passed since Camp It Up! first began. Today, Camp It Up! is recognized as a model for best practices in family camping and includes a robust leadership development program for middle and high school campers, along with activities for everyone, from babies to grandparents.

Ten years ago, Jill Rose, who nurtured this small business and big dream for many years, created a Board of Directors so that Camp It Up! could become a nonprofit organization. The Board secured tax-exempt status, negotiated with Jill and launched a fundraising campaign to purchase camp. A year ago, Mary Beth King was hired as Executive Director to carry on and grow Jill’s vision. This year, four of the founding members will cycle off the Board. We are so proud of having made a powerful and progressive transition from a private business to a nonprofit. And we are excited that Camp It Up! will have new resources to deepen our youth leadership development program, enrich our inclusiveness, and sustain camp for years to come.

What we want to ask of you

Please consider joining the Camp It Up, Inc. Board of Directors. We are looking for new board members who love camp. We invite you to come create the camp of the future, rooted in our beloved traditions and always growing. We are looking, specifically but not exclusively, for people with experience in finance, organization development, fundraising and law.

What is asked of Board members

• Prepare for, attend and fully participate in monthly meetings, one of which is a one-day retreat.

• Work on one committee. Our current committees are Fundraising, Personnel, Board Development and Finance. Committees include non-board members, so if starting out working on a committee is more your cup of tea, please let us know.

• Make a financial contribution to Camp that is significant to you and participate in some way in asking others to give.

• Be an ambassador of Camp among campers and in the community in which you live and work.

How we will support your board role

• Departing Board members will help bring new members up to speed on history and content, answer questions, check in as needed and continue some work to support CIU and the board.

• As departing co-chair, I am happy to coach our co-chairs.

What to look forward to

• Building camaraderie with fellow board members, with lots of laughter, fun and good food.

• Being part of shaping the next wave of Camp It Up!

What to do next

• The Camp It Up! board will have two morning sessions at camp. Please attend, check us out and ask questions. Let us know if you are interested.

• Talk to any one of us at camp- we will be wearing camp t-shirts that say “board” on the back. John Dalal and Em Howard are the Board Development Committee.

• Think about if you know others in the greater community – even if not current or former campers – who have the needed skills and might be interested in joining our Board to support Camp It Up! vision and please let us know.

• Send us an e-mail or letter to let us know you are interested or ask any questions you have.

Help usher in this next era of Camp It Up’s story. Join the Board of Directors!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have fun at camp and hope to see you soon!

Susan Colson
Camp It Up Board President and Co-Chair
Camp It Up! Board


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